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Review Hand disinfectant, 500ml

Hand disinfectant, 500ml

CHF 12,90
(CHF 13,94 Incl. tax)
- 70% alcohol content
- allowed by the BAG
- against bacteria and viruses
Ordered before 16:00, delivered tomorrow.

70% of alcohol portion

Product description
Purofect is a liquid, ready for use disinfectant with broader antimikrobieller and viruzider effectiveness for the surgical and hygienic hands and forearm disinfection. The clear, not sticking formulation free of remains is pleasant to apply, dries fast and leaves velvet-soft hands. Purofect is permitted by BAG and is also useful against viruses like Corona etc. 

Ranges of application

  • For the hands and forearm disinfection

Use tip
The unwatered product on the dry hands give. For the hygienic hand disinfection 3 rub ml during 30 seconds. Standard-Einreibetechnik for the hygienic hand disinfection according to EN in 1500 obey. 

For the surgical hands and forearm disinfection 2 x 5 rub ml during 90 seconds. Follow standard rub-in technique for the surgical hand disinfection according to EN 12791 obey. Hands during the whole application time by the product humid hold.

Your advantages

  • Wide range of effects
    Acts against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses (inklusive noroviruses) in 30 seconds. 
  • Free of perfume and dyes
    The colour- and perfume-free formulation significantly reduces the allergy potential. 
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • Rapidly retracting
    The fat-free formulation quickly penetrates the skin and leaves no sticky hands. 
  • Non-adhesive formulation
    The hand disinfectant does not adhere and is therefore also suitable for disinfecting non-sterile gloves made of latex, nitrile and vinyl. 
  • Biodegradable
    The solution is biodegradable and has no adverse effects on the ecosystem. 
  • Complies with European standards for hand hygiene.
    The hand disinfectant complies with the current requirements of the European standards for hand hygiene EN 1500 and EN 12791. 


70% alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide