Almost as long-lasting as gel.

Quick and easy to apply and can be removed within 7 minutes.

- Apply Gel Lacquer Bonding or Gel Lacquer Volume Bonding and harden.

- Apply any color and cure.

- Apply Gel Lacquer Glossing and harden.

- Finished.

Excellent adhesion:
Our Gel Lacquer adheres firmly to the nail and ensures long-lasting results without lifting or peeling.

Easy application:
With its pleasant consistency, the gel polish is effortless to apply. It applies itself smoothly and does not run uncontrollably.
It is easy to file and work with. Perfect results are achieved.

Thanks to the latest formula, the gel polish remains perfect and flawless for weeks.

Excellent adhesion
Smoothes itself out
Does not run uncontrollably
Easy to apply
No yellowing
Pleasant to file
Maximum wearing comfort
Cures under LED in 60 seconds and under UV in 120 seconds
High quality and tested raw materials
Swiss quality
Production in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
Production in compliance with the latest cosmetics regulations
Free from animal testing

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