Vegan & Free from animal testing

VeganCruelty FreeRecycling


Most of the products we manufacture are vegan and not tested on animals.



All our containers such as jars, cans, bottles, etc. are professionally reused or properly disposed of.


UVC Air Purification

Our premises are kept virus-free for 24 hours with a special, highly professional UVC air purification system.

5 high-tech sensors permanently analyze the air, which is freed from viruses, bacteria, spores, odors and suspended matter using carbon filters, HEPA13 filters and UV-C sterilization.

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UVC Luftreinigungssystem


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Beauty Bar

Enjoy a refreshing soft drink, a Prosecco or a cool long drink during your treatment.

From Red Bull to hearty tea to a refreshing Aperol Spritz. We offer you almost everything your heart desires.

And of course all of this completely free of charge.

Beauty Bar  

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Different possibilities of nail design in the Nagelstudio Zürich

The fingernails can be embellished in many different ways. Anyone who has stable and healthy natural nails will achieve amazing results with just a manicure and Nail Polish . However, if the nails are not particularly stable and tend to tear, then gel nails are a great alternative. With gel nails, the hands get a nice business card and always look healthy and well-groomed. There are many different options here. From subtle French design to fashionable statements, everything is possible.
Beautiful fingernails from the professional

A good nail designer training with our employees ensures that all products are carefully be applied. The end result is long-lasting and guaranteed to meet expectations. Beautiful nails that look and stay healthy are the desire of every woman. But men also want well-groomed nails for special occasions that put their hands in the best light. The nail salon can be of perfect help here.


Microblading for a well-groomed appearance

Microblading is an Asian scratching method in which the fine eyebrow hairs are perfectly reproduced. The long shelf life and the natural look inspire the users. The purely vegetable and hypoallergenic color ensures that the result is absolutely convincing. The nail studio in Zurich also offers this great service.