Lash Lifting

A new eyelash treatment that eliminates the need for mascara and eyelash curlers.

We achieve fantastically long, curved and powerful eyelashes in a natural way.

Your eyelashes are lifted from the base upwards and then tinted.

This uses the natural length of your eyelashes to achieve optical lengthening.

You get an intense, natural and dynamic look that lasts up to 8 weeks.

Price: CHF 139.-

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Lash Lifting


Lash Extension

Enchanting and long eyelashes guarantee you every eye-catcher.

Natural and still stunning.

With our eye lash extension technology you are right on trend.

Feel comfortable. feel sexy

Our prices:

New Set Natural Look (40 - 50 Wimpern) 179.-
New Set Mascara Look (60 - 80 Wimpern) 219.-
New Set Glamour Look (90 - 110 Wimpern) 259.-
Refill up to 2 Wochen 80.-
Refill up to 3 Wochen 110.-
Refill up to 4 Wochen 140.-
Remove eyelashes 49.-

Here you can book online