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Isorapid Spray 1000ml

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Product description
ISORAPID® Spray is an alcohol-based, aldehyde-free ready-to-use solution for quick spray and wipe disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices such as operating tables, stretchers, IV stands and treatment chairs. The low alcohol content of less than 50% reduces the potential for allergy or irritation while increasing material compatibility. ISORAPID® Spray has a fresh, floral scent.

areas of application
For fast-acting spray and wipe disinfection and cleaning of surfaces of non-invasive medical products such as laboratory tables, treatment chairs, unit surfaces, instrument trays, hand and angle pieces, surgical light handles and treatment instruments made of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, silicone and rubber

Instructions for use
Wet the surfaces and objects to be disinfected completely and allow the disinfectant to take effect. Adhere to the exposure time. If necessary, dry the surface or item with a clean disposable cloth. Only use on alcohol-resistant materials. For sensitive materials, test compatibility on a small, inconspicuous area before use.

your benefits
Active against 101 germs
Works even against extremely resistant viruses such as poliovirus and adenovirus.
Casts in 60 seconds
For quick disinfection of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.
Compatible with more than 110 materials, including synthetic leather
The product is particularly suitable for disinfecting sensitive surfaces such as imitation leather covers or acrylic glass.
Contains less than 50% alcohol
The disinfectant is particularly suitable for disinfecting sensitive surfaces such as imitation leather covers or acrylic glass.
Leaves no residue and does not smear
The disinfectant leaves no streaks, which means that wiping is not necessary.
Fruity fragrance
Each application of the surface disinfectant leaves a fruity scent for a long-lasting, fresh and clean impression.
Tested under high organic load
The disinfectant is also active in the presence of heavy organic contamination from blood or proteins.
Bottle with flip-top cap
Allows surfaces to be disinfected without spraying.
The solution is biodegradable and has no negative impact on the ecosystem.
Tested according to 18 European standards